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Lockwood Construction
Building Communities Since 1944
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Our History

In 1944 Rodney M. Lockwood, Sr. founded Lockwood Construction. An acknowledged “pioneer of the modern housing industry.”  Mr. Lockwood, Sr. was nontraditional in thought and never satisfied with the status quo- unique characteristics that still play an essential role at Lockwood Construction in the present. Innovation that Mr. Lockwood, Sr. brought to the local housing industry, such as the furnished model home, are still in widespread use today, many years after their introduction.
In the 1940’s and 1950’s, Mr. Lockwood was called upon by two U.S. presidents, Truman and Eisenhower, to serve on government task forces which were aimed at solving the housing needs of the postwar nation.  In 1949, Mr. Lockwood, Sr. was named president of the National Association of Home Builders. Later he served as a national director of the non-profit Urban Land Institute and was one of the original inductees to the National Housing Hall of Fame in Washington, D.C.


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Continuing the Legacy

In 1986, Rodney M. Lockwood, Jr. was named president of the company. The traditions and values to which his father was committed were continued and new era of Multi-Family housing was entered. Under his leadership, Lockwood Construction became a leader in the affordable apartment and senior housing businesses, building 66 new projects totaling 7,583 apartment units plus major rehabilitations of 12 projects with 917 units. Lockwood Construction has been the leader in the construction of MSHDA and HUD financed housing in Michigan, with a total completed contract volume in 2022 dollars of $804 million.

In 2011, Mark Lockwood joined the Lockwood Company and was named President in 2017. Mark continues on with the family traditions and values created by his father and grandfather. Mr. Lockwood has been directly responsible for over $170 million in acquisitions and developments in his time with the company. Mr. Lockwood currently sits on the board of directors for the Michigan Chamber of Commerce and Michigan Housing council.

Project Volume to Date


What We Do

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General Contracting & Construction Management

Lockwood Construction acts as a General Contractor responsible for field supervision of trade partners, financial management, purchasing and scheduling of trades and materials, contract negotiation, and management. Our General Contracting role is a natural extension of the valued partnership we have with our clients and their design professions during all phases of the project. We are also a Developer-Owner-Manager fueling innovation and collaboration which in turn provides our clients with a unique opportunity to utilize our understanding of their business.

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Pre-construction & Project Planning

Lockwood Construction is an active participant in the design process. Our involvement provides an element of practical insight, ensuring both feasibility and cost efficiency. Our participation includes the review of land development plans, working drawings for buildings, shop drawings, critique of specialized engineering reports and designs, program management, and team building.

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Estimating & Bidding

Lockwood Construction prepares detailed construction cost estimates at various stages of the design/development process. This process assists our client in cost control and forecasting, along with the evaluation of options that affect the overall project budget. This process is frequently undertaken in the early phases of design by incorporating information provided by our extensive pool of trade partners.

The Lockwood Proven Process

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1. Set the Foundation

Lockwood Construction when initially engaging with potential clients and stakeholders works to gain insight to specific needs, wants and requirements of a project, additionally we explain how our Team operates. Communication preferences, project goals, and other expectations are also discussed. This “speed date” scenario we believe allows us to effectively gain insight to the owner/stakeholders and the project as well as allows for both parties to see if we are a right fit for each other.

  • About You
  • About Us
  • Determine Success
  • Discovery (Right Fit)

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2. Explore Possibilities, Redefine Choices

Lockwood Construction works to analyze a project’s risk exposures and ways to mitigate. Our team will review Project Plans, Specifications, and Details thoroughly. Our team works to reduce not only construction costs but also operation costs by collaborating with the Design Teams and our Trade Partners. Additionally, we utilize technology to complete material take-offs, collect Trade Partner, and complete verification of pricing for accuracy in order to prepare cost estimates at various stages of the design/development process. This extensive process benefits clients by providing accurate pricing, areas for potential savings, and risks. This “value engineering” allows for a possible reduction in risk exposure, construction time and costs without jeopardizing quality.

  • Risk Assessments
  • Milestone Scheduling
  • Collaboration with Design Team
  • Value Engineering
  • Costing
  • Schematic / Conceptual
  • DD Set

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3. Pre-Construction

Lockwood Construction works with all Municipalities and Authorities having Jurisdiction in order to obtain all the required Construction permits and approvals.

  • Secure Municipal Permits / Letters
  • Strategic Planning and Authorizations
  • Costing- Bid for Construction Docs
  • Advantage Engineering
  • Execute Construction Contract

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4. Build

Lockwood Construction is an “at-risk” General Contractor. Our staff is responsible for field supervision of subcontractors, quality control, and management of the project, including but not limited to; Budgeting and financial management, purchasing and scheduling of all materials and trades, contract negotiation and management, document and submittal management and reviews.

We assist our client with project planning and programming, scope reviews and independent cost estimating verification. During the construction phase of these projects, we assist with the selection of the Trade Partners and Vendors. Lockwood Construction vets and qualifies each Trade Partner to ensure that they are the right fit for a Project. Upon commencement of a project, we provide on-site field supervision of the construction efforts as well as overall Project Management. Our internal processes coupled with the technologies we utilize, all information is tracked and accurately documented ensuring Project information accurate and all parties are informed starting from day one.

  • Mobilization
  • Delivery
  • Monthly Project Reporting and Coordination
  • Quality Control and Schedule Optimization

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5. Close Out

Lockwood Construction works with the Trade Partners and Vendors to schedule and demonstrate how each system functions prior to completion of the project. Once completed owners will receive all standard and extended warranty information included with all other project close-out documentation. Lockwood Construction also holds a final Lessons Learned meeting for our team as well as ownership to review the project as a whole and go over the Lessons Learned throughout the project. This provides the opportunity to effectively plan and eliminate areas of missed opportunities or risks which were encountered over the course of construction for future collaborations and projects.

  • Commissioning and Training
  • Warranty
  • Lessons Learned (You & Us)

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