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Unsure About Your Career Path?

January 12 2018

Do you find yourself wanting more out of your job, or find yourself working what feels like a dead-end job? Do you feel as though your career development is going in circles, instead of heading in a clear direction? If so, you’re not alone. According to the ... Read More

Finding A Job You Love

January 5 2018

Many in the US workforce struggle to find a job that they love. Most times, it’s not lack of pay that drives this. Instead, it comes from a perceived lack of value in their work. Many employees are in search of something more fulfilling when it comes ... Read More

Working A Seasonal Job

December 29 2017

If you work a job with flexible hours, you may be able to work a seasonal job this winter. This can help provide fulfillment and enhance your career development, as well as create extra income to pad your year-end savings or pay for holiday gifts. Seasonal jobs ... Read More

The Company Holiday Party

December 22 2017

Each year, companies across the country host a holiday party. Many employees view this as a chance to let loose and celebrate a successful year. Unfortunately, amidst the celebrations, employees fail to recognize how much the company holiday party can impact their career development, for better or ... Read More

Why Should You Consider A Career In Property Management?

December 15 2017

If you’re a professional that is unhappy in your current role, it’s easy to feel trapped and hopeless. As a young professional, the thought of putting so much time, money, and effort to a degree only to discover you hate your job is terrifying. And as an ... Read More

Volunteering Over Winter Break

December 8 2017

Winter break is a great time to volunteer. Many employers offer a winter break to their employees, which typically lasts from Christmas through New Year’s. This break provides necessary R&R and a sense of fulfillment before beginning the year, especially for those who work a strict schedule ... Read More

Healthy Living Tips To Help You Through The Winter

December 1 2017

As the weather grows increasingly colder in Michigan over the next few weeks, it’s important you take steps to care for your health. It’s easy to get sick and miss time away from work, harming your career development. Consider these healthy living tips to help you through ... Read More

Horizontal And Vertical Career Development

November 24 2017

As a professional, you should never be satisfied in your career. Whether it’s something big like obtaining a certification or something smaller like trying to correct your daily deficiencies, it’s important to want to continually develop your career. What exactly does it mean to develop your career, ... Read More

What Are Millennials Looking For In Their Careers?

November 17 2017

As a young professional, entering the workforce can be stressful. Many millennials are searching for fulfillment in their careers. Millennials will soon become the majority of America’s workforce, and it’s important to have an understanding of what will bring happiness, motivation, and success in their careers. Believe ... Read More

Tips For Healthy Living This Fall

November 10 2017

The crisp air and turning of the leaves mark the beginning of another fall in Michigan. The season of pumpkins and football, it’s a great time to utilize your career’s flexible hours, get outdoors, and begin practicing healthy living. Consider implementing these tips throughout the season to ... Read More