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Pets And Assisted Living

April 6 2018

Pets have a wonderful way of reaching people who are otherwise hard to reach. Unlike people, dogs and cats have few expectations in a relationship and you don’t have to try hard to please them: feed them on time, pet them, scratch their neck, and play with ... Read More

Flexible Hours Can Be Tough, But Rewarding

March 30 2018

When you reach the level of property manager, you may as well wave goodbye to the idea of a nine-to-five regular workweek. The job requires you to interact with people in situations where you’re on the clock but they aren’t, like evening meetings with community groups, property ... Read More

Changing Career Paths? Consider Property Management

March 23 2018

For some people, career development is a straight line. You start at an entry level position, you build up your skills and your connections, and you move up the management chain until you’ve eventually reached the spot you were aiming for. On the other hand, others treat ... Read More

The Best Path To Property Manager

March 16 2018

A good property manager has to master two important skills. First, they need to understand administration tasks like sorting and processing rent checks, paying bills, and keeping track of lease agreements and renewal dates. Second, they need to understand customer service and how to attract enough people ... Read More

The Benefits Of Walking Communities

March 9 2018

American cities are experiencing a rising trend of walking communities. This term refers to residential neighborhoods where you only have to walk to get wherever you need to go and the only reason to take a car anywhere is to go to work and come back. Everything ... Read More

Stress Management Is Key For Any Profession

March 2 2018

If you want to live your life stress-free, then you’re going to be disappointed. Stress is a part of life, a reaction to when things don’t go your way, and no one on earth gets to have things go their way every day. Residential property management is certainly ... Read More

Assisted Living Centers Can Be Great For Career Advancement

February 23 2018

Assisted living centers for seniors and the disabled can come in the shape of apartment buildings, complexes, cottages, and sometimes regular neighborhoods with modest home sizes and more perks than you’d get from living on your own. These centers are also always on the lookout for extra ... Read More

3 Steps To Achieving The Work-Life Balance

February 16 2018

People have to work. This is how the mortgage gets paid, the groceries get bought, and the kids get sent to college. Work is also a means of personal fulfillment; it feels good to be able to provide for oneself and one’s family. Work gives people a ... Read More

The Best Career For College Students

February 9 2018

College tuition and books is expensive, so many college students have to work while going to school. Sadly, finding a good job that allows you to balance your class schedule with your work obligations is a challenge. So many college students often settle for lower paying ... Read More

Seven Ways To Know If You’d Be A Great Maintenance Technician

February 2 2018

There are a variety of great careers with Lockwood Companies, but one of the most interesting is as a Maintenance Technician. Maintenance technicians have a really diverse and challenging job. If you are considering a career as a maintenance technician here are seven questions to ask yourself:   1. ... Read More