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Flexible Hours Make An Employee’s Life Easier

January 18 2019

There are lots and lots of jobs out there that feature flexible hours. However, many of them are work-from-home positions that don't always pay that great. It is hard for a worker to pay the bills when there isn't enough money coming in. Then again, telecommuting doesn't ... Read More

Career Development Tips For Any Employee

January 11 2019

Honing specific skills can aid the career development process. Regardless of what profession a person is in, he or she will notice promotions and pay raises coming their way if they expand their skill set. This does not exclude people in the property management field. Folks in ... Read More

Benefits That Make Property Management Careers Worthwhile

January 4 2019

Lockwood Companies has loads of job opportunities available right now. There are both part and full-time openings that can prove to be perfect fits for Michigan residents. Not many people are aware of the fact that property management careers are lucrative professions. Additionally, once people accept the ... Read More

An Attractive Property Management Career Opportunity

December 28 2018

Lockwood Companies currently has an excellent opportunity available. If the candidate has the right experience and background, he or she should consider applying for the Construction Superintendent position. The job requires the individual to report directly to the Director of Construction or Project Manager. This supervisor is ... Read More

This And That About A Pristine Employment Opportunity

December 21 2018

Some people can't stand being cooped up in an office for the entire day, and who can blame them? There is just something about working outside with the breeze blowing through your hair and the sunshine beaming on your skin. Luckily, there is a career path ... Read More

The Perfect Job For A Teen Or Adult

December 14 2018

Unemployment numbers are down across the nation, and there are loads of jobs available to qualifying candidates. They just need to know where to look. Residents of Michigan can find their perfect opportunity closer to home than they might think. Lockwood Companies has a variety of positions ... Read More

The Big Draws Of Working For Lockwood Companies

December 7 2018

First of all, who or what are Lockwood Companies? To make a long story short, they are one of the leading property management, development, and construction organizations of apartment communities in Michigan. There are plenty of positions to apply for, and there is even the opportunity for ... Read More

Employee Happiness Is Only An Application Away

November 30 2018

It can be difficult for a person to find the perfect employment position in the modern world. Granted unemployment is down, and job growth is up, but still, it is hard to discover a top-notch opportunity. The primary problem is that folks don't know where to look. ... Read More

Stay In Touch With Your Community

November 23 2018

While a job in property management has flexible hours, it also has what might be called flexible responsibilities. There are some things that obviously need regular attention, such as collecting rent from residents on time, every month. Beyond that, there are other things that can be done ... Read More

Property Management Is About Learning & Growth

November 16 2018

Property management is not the first profession that people may think about when it comes to career growth or development. Despite not being high on the radar for these aspects, however, choosing to get into property management actually leads to some significant career development in a lot ... Read More