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Benefits Can Make A Huge Difference

July 27 2018

America is now entering a time of economic uncertainty where things like job security mean more than they ever have before. Between trade wars affecting certain industries and business sectors, and the changes coming from future developments like automation, gainful, meaningful employment is no longer something that ... Read More

It’s Never Too Late To Learn A New Career

July 20 2018

There’s a pretty big misconception in society that people have a “time limit” on learning. Plenty of people assume that the only time you should be focused on education and acquiring new knowledge is when you’re young, and have yet to find a career. But the truth ... Read More

Volunteering Can Point You To Your Career

July 13 2018

Each person who decides to volunteer has their own reason for doing so. Some want to help out the less fortunate, some want to help the environment, some want to meet new people with shared interests, and some want to pad their achievements to get into a ... Read More

Make The Most Of Flexible Hours

July 6 2018

Property managers and many other jobs offer flexible hours not because the person in charge is trying something new but because that’s what best fits the needs of the job. A crisis can hit a unit at any time of day or night, especially because not every ... Read More

Is Property Management The Right Choice For You?

June 29 2018

Property management careers can be rewarding, both for the challenges they offer and for the salaries they provide. However, they aren’t for everyone. Managing a property demands a certain set of skills, and while you can learn a lot of them as you work your way up ... Read More

A Property Manager’s Key To Success

June 22 2018

If you’re advancing through a property management career or you’re considering joining the field, there are a few things you should know about the job. The following tips are important to know for everyone in the property management field, because they’re essential no matter how many ... Read More

The Value of Nurses for Healthy Living in Senior Housing Communities

June 8 2018

A good nurse encompasses the five core values of professional nursing: • Human dignity • Integrity • Autonomy • Altruism • Social Justice   Human Dignity   As a nurse, you must understand that human dignity is a fundamental human right and is a moral obligation. In any nursing field, you want to be sure to ... Read More

Developing Your Career as a Leader

June 1 2018

If you are looking for positive avenues of career development, then focusing on becoming a better leader should be high up on your list of priorities. For career development, you should do the following:   • First, identify your career options based on your skill set and interests • Next, ... Read More

Choosing a Career With Lockwood Companies

May 25 2018

Lockwood Companies is one of the leading property management companies in Michigan and offers apartment housing for families and seniors. Not only does our Executive team have experience with non-profit organizations and volunteer outreach programs, but they also exhibit diverse backgrounds in many areas of business including ... Read More

Benefits of a Property Management Career

May 18 2018

Property managers are an integral part of a property and are responsible for several different leasing and administrative duties including overseeing maintenance, showing apartments to prospective tenants, inspecting units, filing maintenance requests and so much more. Have you thought about a career in the property management industry ... Read More