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Don’t Let Your Property Management Career End Your Social Life

May 24 2019

People interested in advancing their property management careers often face hard decisions about how to spend their free time. After all, if you only concentrate on your job during working hours it’s less likely that your bosses will notice you or choose you for positions with more ... Read More

3 Ways To Reward Employees Without A Bigger Budget

May 17 2019

The best way to recognize the hard work and good performance of an employee is by giving them money, either as a bonus at the end of a month or year or as an above-average pay raise. However, as a property manager you might not have the ... Read More

The Benefits Of Having A Job With Flexible Hours

May 10 2019

Tons of people have careers that require them to work a fixed schedule. There is not anything necessarily wrong with the jobs as they help employees pay the bills, and if they are lucky, have a few bucks left over to do things they enjoy. However, in ... Read More

Property Management Career Opportunities In Lansing And Pontiac

May 3 2019

Sometimes, people search, search, and search some more for a job only to come up empty in the end. For one, finding a good fit is not always an easy task. Lockwood Companies is one of the top development, construction, and property management organizations in The Great ... Read More

Must-Have Skills One Must Acquire For Career Development

April 26 2019

There are many 9 to 5 jobs that allow a person to earn a decent living. However, most workers are looking for more than that. The majority of employees want to advance in their careers, gain recognition for their achievements, and get rewarded for their hard work ... Read More

A Property Management Career That Will Make You Want To Make A Change Today

April 19 2019

People all over the world go to work each day doing jobs that they don't enjoy. However, they do so because they need to earn a paycheck. Unfortunately, often, the employees work, work, and work some more with little to show for their efforts. The receive mediocre ... Read More

Stay Healthy When You Deal With Workplace Stress

April 12 2019

Stress and anxiety can come from many different sources in a property management career. Angry tenants will often shout or rant at you when something goes wrong in their unit, and often enough it’s not a problem you could have prevented. You may have to worry about ... Read More

Life After Working At A Rental Property

April 5 2019

A surprising number of professions have some overlap with property management and other jobs offered at rental properties. It’s common today for workers to move between several companies over the course of their career, and so these other jobs can end up being good qualifications for working ... Read More

6 Ways To Balance Work With Advanced Schooling

March 29 2019

The “traditional” college path is to go straight to a university out of high school and spend the next four years getting a bachelor’s degree. However, there are plenty of reasons to go to college as a non-traditional student. A higher degree might be the ticket you ... Read More

3 Jobs That Synergize With Property Management

March 22 2019

These days it’s unusual for someone’s career to follow a straight line from the bottom to the top. Not everyone climbed the corporate ladder even when it was common to work for one company your whole life, but whether you move up or just sideways it’s typical ... Read More