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Balancing Flexible Hours And Your Personal Life

June 28 2019

 Balancing Flexible Hours And Your Personal LifeTaking on a job with flexible hours sounds like the perfect way to balance your personal and work lives. After all, if something comes up like a family emergency or a friend’s birthday party, you can always leave work, spend as much time on your personal business as you like, and then head back to make up the hours. Right?

Unfortunately, flexible hours aren’t always that simple. Jobs like property management and maintenance often involve big projects like fixing a tenant’s oven or balancing the books and contacting city services. You can’t abandon a big project right in the middle without causing some serious issues and angering the people involved, plus in many cases having flexible hours means having to respond to emergency situations long after a 9-to-5 employee would have left.

If you aren’t careful, a job with flexible hours can end up with you working far more hours per week than you need to. However, if you keep a few things in mind you should be able to balance your work and home lives even if you have a flexible schedule and an unpredictable job.

Maintain A Regular Schedule

While you don’t have to work the same hours every day when you have a flexible schedule, you can still benefit from doing so. When you always maintain the same weekly schedule, it makes it easier for your coworkers and employees to find you when they need you. It’s also easier on you since you’ll know just how many hours per week you’re spending at work. You can still take advantage of flexible hours by working afternoons on certain days or working fewer days for more hours at a time.

Budget For Emergencies

If your job can call you in at any hour, you should keep that in mind when you fix your schedule. You may be tempted to look like a good employee and show up for all your usual hours even if work calls you in unexpectedly, but doing so will slowly eat into your personal time and wear you down. While you should create a work schedule that takes up your full weekly hours, you should remember to deduct emergency time from the last workday of the week. If you let your coworkers know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t face too many problems.

Flexible hours give you the freedom to leave work when you want to go somewhere else, but they also give you the responsibility to come in whenever you’re needed. If you want to balance your work and home life, you should keep both these factors in mind when you figure out how to budget time for your flexible schedule.