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It’s Important To Encourage Employee Growth

May 31 2019

It’s Important To Encourage Employee GrowthIf you have a managing position and your team is full of skilled, motivated employees, it can be tempting to try and keep them where they are. After all, talented employees can rise far, probably farther than your team allows, and there’s a good chance their replacement won’t be as good.

However, if you want your team at its best it’s important to not only allow but encourage your employees to improve. After all, a hard-working team is a good way to advance your own career development. As a property manager for an apartment building or complex, there are several things you can do to help your team grow and work on their career development.

Mentor Your Employees

As a property manager, you probably know a few things about how to sell units to new tenants, how to balance a budget, and how to handle upset renters. Your staff might not have that experience, but if they learn they’ll be able to deal with more situations and take on more responsibilities. So share what you know, explain what you do and how you do it, and once you have your team will become much more efficient.

Offer A Space For New Ideas

You may have learned one way to perform a job, and that way may work, but there are often many alternatives that could work better or more efficiently. It’s important to recognize this fact and be ready to embrace effective new ideas, especially since they’ll most likely come from your employees. Set aside a meeting time once per month or so where employees can brainstorm new solutions to problems or new approaches, and remember to bring an open mind to every meeting.

Encourage Outside Education

Your employees may have career development goals that would take them up the property management ladder or completely away from the profession, but either way you should encourage them to keep their dreams alive. If they have enough motivation to pursue outside education and effort, that motivation will spill into their current job. Just make sure they stay focused while they’re on the clock.

Motivation is an important factor in any employee’s job performance, so as a manager it’s your job to keep that motivation high. It might mean that your best team members will leave you one day, but until then they’ll put in a great performance and help you with your own career development.