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6 Ways To Balance Work With Advanced Schooling

March 29 2019

6 Ways To Balance Work With Advanced SchoolingThe “traditional” college path is to go straight to a university out of high school and spend the next four years getting a bachelor’s degree. However, there are plenty of reasons to go to college as a non-traditional student. A higher degree might be the ticket you need to get a better job, or maybe you want to learn something your current job requires so you can shore up a weakness. That’s why so many people take classes even as they work a full-time job.

That’s why it’s important to understand time management and stay organized when you’re going to school and working full-time. You use up a lot of free time to do two things at once, so making the right choices is key to staying healthy, sane, and productive.

1. Try to work flexible hours. They aren’t always an option depending on your day job, but for a growing number of professions, flexible hours are a perk or something you can request. Flexible hours let you work around your class schedule and sign up for classes that often aren’t offered at night.

2. Set aside a place for studying. Much like how a home office can help you stay professional when you work from home, a designated study area can keep you focused on classwork when you need to finish an assignment.

3. Organize everything. If you don’t, you’ll soon discover the time you needed to sleep or perform chores has disappeared.

4. Be open with your supervisors and professors. If you let them know how much you’re balancing, chances are they’ll go easier on you when you slip up.

5. Make your wellbeing a priority. You can’t do much good at working or learning if you’re constantly getting sick or falling asleep in class.

6. Don’t give up. The going will get rough at times, so remember that the sooner you can power through it, the sooner you can get back to a more reasonable schedule.

A property management job is often a good fit for someone who wants to work and take classes at the same time.

A good degree can really help you advance through a property management career, plus you’ll be learning practical skills during your day job. Many property management jobs also offer flexible hours, and those can really help you balance your work and study time.