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What To Do When You Start A Flexible Work Schedule

March 15 2019

What To Do When You Start A Flexible Work ScheduleLet’s say you’ve just landed your first job with flexible hours. You still have to put in at least 40 hours on the job per week, but now it’s up to you when you put those hours in. What do you do now? How do you adapt to your new schedule and take advantage of this opportunity? There are a few things you should keep in mind as you start out at this new job.

Try A Few Different Work Weeks

Some people use flexible hours to work 10-hour days four days per week. Others will spread out their work and put in about 7 hours on six days. Some people prefer to work afternoons and evenings while others will stick to the morning shift. If you have the opportunity, you should give each option a try and find out which one suits you best.

Avoid Rush Hour

No matter which hours of the day you end up choosing, you can really cut down on your commute time is by making sure your schedule begins and ends outside of the morning and evening rush hours. A shorter commute is good for everyone, because the only thing you can really do when traffic is heavy is waste your time.

Remember Why You Have Flex Hours

Some jobs offer flexible hours as a way to lure in good workers, but for others, it’s a requirement because the job will need you to come in at all hours. If your job is the second type, you need to remember to remove that time from your regular schedule so you don’t burn out from working too much. You should consider cutting down your regular hours per day to account for these times and work an extra day at the end of the week if nothing comes up.

Keep Your Team In Mind

Just because you have flexible hours doesn’t mean your fellow employees all have the same, and if they do they won’t always pick the same schedule as you. If you need to coordinate with a team or work with fellow employees to solve problems, you should remember to arrange for a time when everyone is around so you can conduct meetings or tackle a situation together.

Flexible hours are a great benefit, but not everyone takes full advantage of them, especially when it’s their first time on a flexible schedule. Whether you get them as an office-job perk or whether your job demands your attention at odd hours, you should try out what flexible hours can do for you but keep in mind what your position will require from you.