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3 Ways To Boost Your Property Team’s Morale

March 1 2019

3 Ways To Boost Your Property Team’s MoraleIf you plan on growing your property management career, you need to get used to the idea of leading a team. Different people will work in different areas like the front office, maintenance, and property tours, but all of them will depend on you to make final decisions and keep morale up.

That last goal can be tricky: most people don’t put in their best effort when they feel unappreciated or overlooked, when they don’t like their job, or when they don’t like their fellow employees. A pay raise is always nice, but you might not have the authority (or the budget) to offer one, plus morale is about more than just money. If you aren’t sure how to lift people’s spirits at the workplace, try a few of these ideas and see if you get any results.

1. Create Employee Recognition Programs

It’s always great to get recognized when you do a better job than usual or you have a great month in general, which is why many workplaces have an “employee of the month” and other recognition programs. They let your workers know that you appreciate the hard work they do even if you can’t give them a bonus paycheck.

2. Ask For Honest Feedback

Employees often worry about being completely honest with their bosses. You have the power to punish them for criticizing you, and all too often a manager will do just that. However, if you’re open to honest, constructive criticism you should encourage your team to explain their problems directly to you. It gives them a chance to vent their frustrations, and it gives you a chance to find problems you didn’t know about or explain why the situation is the way it is. You may end up getting feedback that will be essential to the rest of your property management career.

3. Stay Calm

Whether your team realizes it or not, they often look to you to set the workplace mood. There will be times when stress, anger, or worry get the better of you, but you should try to always appear calm, collected, and on-task. Still, don’t forget to ask for help when you need it—that’s why you have a team in the first place.

Team morale is important whether you’re pursuing a property management career or whether you’re working your way up the ranks of a high-tech company. Just remember to recognize employee achievements, listen to their honest complaints, and act calm even when you aren’t feeling it.