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2 Ways People Start A Property Management Career

February 22 2019

2 Ways People Start A Property Management CareerProperty management careers can start in unexpected ways. While plenty of people join the industry aiming straight for a management job, others find themselves moving up the ladder after getting most of their experience in a related field before finding out they have a knack for the job. This outside experience can often come in handy even after you’ve reached a point where you’re watching over several properties and their teams, so even people with property management careers set out ahead of them might want to spend some time in one of these positions.

1. Household Fixer

If your parent spent a lot of time on home improvement and had you helping the whole time, or if your home was in bad shape and constantly needed repairing, then you may have a lot of practical skills that other people would pay you for. It could be enough to get you on a property maintenance team, or you could become an independent manager for someone’s single-family home rentals.

2. Renting An Old House

Normally people will sell one home and buy a new one, especially since selling the old place gives you a lot of money you can put into the new mortgage. However, sometimes people will hold onto their old properties and rent them out, making them more money over the long term and turning them into independent property managers. If you decide to take this route, you should keep in mind that managing a property may take more time and money than you originally expected, so don’t jump into it without doing the research.

Property management careers are very rewarding for people who stick with them, both financially and by being a tough but fulfilling job. There are a lot of ways you can get the skills and the contacts to start rising through the ranks, so think about what you do best and see if you can learn the rest as you get a job in the industry and start proving yourself.