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3 Skills Essential For Any Management Position

February 1 2019

3 Skills Essential For Any Management PositionIf you’re worried about your career development and you plan on going far, chances are you’ll someday end up in charge of other people. The usual blue and white-collar jobs have managers, vice presidents, and CEOs, but even professional athletes can end up becoming team managers and creative professionals can become editors or directors.

However, while the jobs themselves can be very different from one industry to the next, management skills are important in every case. So whether you want to become the head chef of a three-star restaurant or the manager of a residential property, you should remember to practice, learn, and hone the following skills if you want your career development to really take off.

1. Communication

No matter how obvious or necessary a decision might be for you, not everyone on your team is going to understand why you made it. At the same time, many people consider it rude to ask a manager why they made a decision, but even if they do they’ll still wonder about the reason. With good communication skills, you can get ahead of those questions and help your team understand why you went one way instead of another, and this can help keep your team fully committed to their assigned jobs.

2. Time Management

There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, and months in a year. Everyone gets the same amount, and so it’s important that everyone uses that time as efficiently and effectively as possible. Time management is a good skill to learn for any job, but it’s especially critical to managers. After all, not only do you still need to manage your own hours, you also need to make sure your team is using theirs just as well by assigning and reassigning tasks based on how much time they should take.

3. People Skills

Everyone is unique. Each person on your team has different strengths and weaknesses, and they each have preferences for different tasks and different teammates. A big part of being a manager is figuring out which jobs and assignments should go to each team member and who should work with whom to get the best results.

Every industry and profession demands a different set of skills, but managing people is the same no matter what you need to get done. Learning some basic management skills can help your career development no matter what career you’re looking at.