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An Attractive Property Management Career Opportunity

December 28 2018

An Attractive Property Management Career OpportunityLockwood Companies currently has an excellent opportunity available. If the candidate has the right experience and background, he or she should consider applying for the Construction Superintendent position. The job requires the individual to report directly to the Director of Construction or Project Manager. This supervisor is responsible for coordinating all phases of fieldwork, including that of vendors and subcontractors.

The person that gets hired must be able to get projects completed both promptly and safely. This Construction Superintendent will have to inspect the work of others and ensure that only the highest quality product is delivered. It is also notable to mention that the employee has to comply with company policies, state, federal, and local laws, as well as applicable health and safety regulations. Read further to learn more about this property management career.

Some Other Typical Duties

This position also requires that the worker hold weekly safety meetings and record the minutes of those gatherings. The operation assures that everyone knows what is expected of them as well as what the appropriate course of action is when something happens. Additionally, this employee will have to work with third-party inspectors and consultants. Therefore, he or she must be able to communicate effectively and practice active listening regularly. There are many other tasks and duties that the Construction Superintendent is responsible for too. So, interested parties should feel free to take a peek at the link on our organization's website.

Skill And Knowledge Requirements

Everyone is welcome to apply for this property management career opportunity. However, candidates that will receive consideration will meet certain criteria. For instance, they must have a high school diploma as well as a Bachelor's Degree in something such as Architecture, Construction Management, or Engineering. In some cases, having experience of up to 5-years working as a superintendent may make up for not having a Bachelor's Degree. Some of the other requirements include but are not limited to...

• A Valid State Issued Driver's License

• Knowledge Of Building Codes, Construction Procedures, Etc.

• The Ability To Communicate Fluently In English, Both Verbally And In Written Form

• Strong Organizational, Interpersonal, And Time-Management Skills

Competitive Benefits And Wages

Lockwood Companies proudly offers competitive wages to both part and full-time employees. However, the stellar benefits are only available to permanent workers. The perks include things such as vision, medical, and dental insurance. There is also a 401K plan, educational assistance, paid time off, paid holidays, and more. So, if this sounds like the property management career for you, don't delay. Instead, inquire about the opportunity and get the job of your dreams today.