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This And That About A Pristine Employment Opportunity

December 21 2018

This And That About A Pristine Employment Opportunity Some people can't stand being cooped up in an office for the entire day, and who can blame them? There is just something about working outside with the breeze blowing through your hair and the sunshine beaming on your skin. Luckily, there is a career path that offers such things. Lockwood Companies currently has an opening for a part-time groundskeeper. Applicants should expect to work between 20 and 30 hours each week. Hence, it is a part-time opportunity, which means the full-time employee benefits do not apply.

There is always the chance for career development and advancement though. In other words, if the worker does a good job, he or she can quickly find themselves climbing the ladder to success. The permanent perks are nice. Thus, it is in the person's best interest to advance whenever possible. Full-time benefits include things such as...

• Vision, Dental, And Medical Insurance

• Paid Time Off Including Holidays

• Educational Assistance

• A 401K Retirement Savings Plan

Now, Back To The Opportunity At Hand

The candidate must be at least 18-years of age. He or she needs to have a high school diploma or GED. This individual must also possess a valid driver's license. Additionally, the person has to speak and read English fluently. This aspect ensures that they can follow oral and written instructions. Aside from these elements, there are several physical requirements as well. Applicants have to be able to bend, twist, squat, walk and stand for an 8-hour shift. The individual must also be capable of lifting, pushing, and pulling items weighing 75-pounds or more. So, if this property management career sounds like it might be right up your alley, don't delay. Instead, apply today and get the occupation you want and deserve.

Some Of The Typical Duties

Before getting to the duties, there is another element to cover. It is notable to mention that while the position is for 20 to 30-hours per week, occasionally, the applicant may have to work weekends or nights due to the weather. Now, on to the good stuff, the things you will be doing while on the clock. The groundskeeper is responsible for sweeping the parking lots, curbs, and sidewalks.

This person will have to paint the inside of apartments as well as the outside of the buildings. Trimming shrubs and weeding flowerbeds are other parts of the job description. There are more services that the groundskeeper will provide too. The company offers competitive wages though, so the opportunity is well worth your best effort. Thus, check out the link on the organization's web page and find out what it is all about for yourself.