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The Big Draws Of Working For Lockwood Companies

December 7 2018

The Big Draws Of Working For Lockwood CompaniesFirst of all, who or what are Lockwood Companies? To make a long story short, they are one of the leading property management, development, and construction organizations of apartment communities in Michigan. There are plenty of positions to apply for, and there is even the opportunity for growth. Whether you are just starting out or looking to switch your career path, there is a little something for everyone. So, feel free to take a peek at the company's website and view the availabilities for yourself. Some of the more notable ones include but are not limited to...

• Server

• Part-Time Cook

• Maintenance Tech

• Construction Superintendent

• Project Manager

• Full Or Part-Time Leasing

Consultant And More Easy

To Apply Some places make candidates jump through hoops just to apply to work for their establishment. Of course, rather than attracting the cream of the crop, this action tends to send them running in the other direction. Those seeking employment only need to click on the name of the job they are interested in to apply online. A brief description will pop up along with a link to apply for the position. See, easy-peasy, just follow the instructions and you are done. Then, if the candidate is a good fit, a member of the team will be in contact with them.

Still, Why Choose A Property Management Career?

Pretty much anybody can get a new job if the paperwork falls on the appropriate person's desk. But still, how does the individual know if the organization is right for them? Well, to start with, even if a lot of folks won’t admit it from the get-go, wages and benefits matter. Lockwood Companies prides itself in offering competitive salaries and top-notch perks. However, it is notable to mention that the benefits are only available to full-time, permanent employees. Once gaining this status, workers should expect things such as...

• Dental, Vision, And Medical Insurance

• Paid Holidays And Time Off

• Short And Long Term Disability Insurance

• Educational Assistance

• 401K Retirement Savings Plan

Don't delay any longer if one of these jobs sounds like an excellent choice for you. The organization is team focused, results-driven, and always looking to do the right thing. So, apply online or pick up the phone to chat with one of our representatives today. The world isn't a train that is slowing down waiting for passengers to hop on. Hence, the time to make a change is now.