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Stay In Touch With Your Community

November 23 2018

Stay In Touch With Your CommunityWhile a job in property management has flexible hours, it also has what might be called flexible responsibilities. There are some things that obviously need regular attention, such as collecting rent from residents on time, every month. Beyond that, there are other things that can be done to both improve the state of property man-agement in a community, and learn better client/customer management skills. One of those things is the light touch that comes from maintaining a good relationship with residents.

It Goes Both Ways

Maintaining a friendly, but professional relationship with residents of a community does two things for people in property management. It helps to brush up critical business skills, but also makes the running of a community easier in some ways. By staying in touch with residents in a regular, friendly, professional way, you “get back what you give.” In other words, treating residents with courtesy and concern means that you will get the same in return. This can help your responsibilities in a lot of ways, besides just enjoying flexible hours.

Cooperative residents are easier to deal with. For example, if you have a good relationship with tenants, when there’s a problem, they will come to you concerned, not angry. This is because you’ve already established a dynamic, and they want you to be able to help them fix a problem, rather than blame you for it, which might happen in a situation where there’s less familiarity.

Another important thing you should do with your flexible hours is take advantage of modern technology to so-lidify community relationships. Don’t just wait for people to physically reach out, or place a phone call. Allow people to write emails, create an online community space on social media such as Facebook, or Twitter. This allows residents to forge stronger connections with you, and each other, making for a better overall community environment for everyone.