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Maintenance Is Proactive

November 9 2018

Maintenance Is ProactiveProperty management careers involve a lot of discretion. On the one hand, there are things that need to be done to a fixed schedule, such as ensuring that tenants pay their rent every month. But beyond that, there are many elements to maintaining a complex or community that you need to use your own judgment on. One of those key things is the decision to maintain certain types of infrastructure or not. The one thing that’s not in question is whether this is a good idea.

Just Like A Check Up

An apartment complex, or a series of homes in a gated community, is just like a human body. Left to their own devices, the structures can stand on their own, just like a person; but with the occasional professional assess-ment to see where things stand, there’s a better chance of a longer life. In the same way that it’s a good idea to go for a physical or a dental check-up, the different aspects of a community should also be looked into. When was the last time the HVAC system was serviced? How is the roof holding up?

Property management careers have a better chance at success when prudence is exercised in answering these questions. Taking the time to have critical parts of a building’s infrastructure examined is a good way to make sure that no problems are in progress. And, if issues are discovered, it’s always cheaper and more cost-effective to catch them early, and address them as smaller repairs. Letting a problem get too big to ignore usually involves more inconvenience for everyone and, more importantly, can be quite costly. Repairing a small fault in a ventilation duct is much cheaper than needing an entire ventilation system replaced.

If you’re interested in cultivating good habits for a successful property management careers, get into the habit of regular inspection and maintenance. It keeps small problems from turning into a big crisis.