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You Should Never Be Too Busy To Exercise

October 12 2018

A lot of Americans don’t get enough exercise. That fact isn’t much of a surprise: exercise is tiring, it can be painful, and it takes valuable time out of your day. However, exercise is also important for keeping your heart and muscles healthy, and that’s especially true if you have a job that keeps you in an office for most of the day like a residential manager. And while you might think that flexible hours will let you exercise when you want, you may find yourself using them as an excuse to skip your workout.

However, even if you feel like you’re too busy to fit in a jog or some time on a weight machine, you can and should make some room for 30 minutes of activity every day. Consider one of the following options if your flexible hours make a regular trip to the gym impossible:

Treadmill Desk

If you have the ability to alter the desk at your workplace, consider installing a standing desk. It’s healthy to stand for at least part of your workday, and if the desk is adjustable you can drop the work surface back down when your legs get tired and your feet become sore. Not only that, but you could also place your desk above a small treadmill. This will let you walk and work at the same time, burning calories and keeping healthy even as you put your time in at your job.

Take A Jogging Lunch

Even if you work flexible hours, you still need to set some time aside for lunch or dinner. However, you don’t need to have that lunch sitting down at a table: instead, you should consider eating quickly and then using the rest of your lunch break to go for a jog outside. It might not be practical during some times of the year, and you might not get a full 30-minute workout over lunch, but it’s definitely a way you can get at least some activity out of an otherwise busy schedule.

There are other ways you can fit exercise into your day, like waking up 30 minutes earlier in the morning, signing up for a class so that you have to put it on your schedule, and working out for five minutes at a time until you’ve hit your daily goal. However you do it, just remember that you should never be too busy to keep healthy and stay in shape.