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Property Managers Should Keep Employee Careers In Mind

September 14 2018

Property Managers Should Keep Employee Careers In MindIf you’re a property manager for a company that owns residential buildings and complexes, chances are you didn’t start your career as a manager. There’s a lot you have to learn on the job for a position like that, plus it helps to know the other people who work at your location. This means that some of the people who work for you have the same job you did, and it could be they have the same ambitions. As such, you can help improve your workplace morale and efficiency by encouraging their property management careers and recognizing your employees.

Offer A Recognition Program

A recognition program can be as simple as an “Employee of the Month” award, complete with a wall of framed photographs. However, you shouldn’t make a competitive prize like that too important. Instead, you can offer recognition awards for cooperation between departments, length of service, and unique moments when one or more employees rose to the occasion and solved a serious problem quickly and effectively. You could also consider offering a cash reward or pay a bonus depending on the situation.

Encourage Work Training

Something else you can do to encourage your employees’ careers is to create some formal work training programs. While some employees will help out new hires, others don’t, and there are a few reasons why this happens. Creating formal work-training sessions lets you set aside an hour or two each week during which less experienced employees can ask their coworkers directly about their jobs, and if you bring the whole staff together they can learn about each other’s jobs, too. This helps you get a fully trained staff faster, and it improves communication among your employees.

Keep An Eye Out For Advancement Opportunities

As a property manager, there’s a good chance you manage multiple locations, plus you speak with other managers who work for the same parent company. This means you can see a lot more job openings than your employees can, and you can help them out by telling them where to apply to advance their property management careers.

When you’ve worked your way up the corporate ladder, you owe it to your employees to show them how they can follow your lead. Doing so encourages your employees to stay motivated and learn job skills, and that ultimately makes the managers look good and improve their own property management careers.