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Make Time For Yourself As A Property Manager

September 7 2018

Make Time For Yourself As A Property ManagerWhen you manage residential properties, it’s important to keep your residents happy and take care of any problems that come up. That goes double if the property is for assisted living or some other senior accommodation. However, if you only think about your residents, you could end up in trouble. After all, you need rest and time for yourself, and if you don’t get any then you won’t be much help when a serious problem comes up. If you want to keep up a property management career, you need to know when to back away.

Know How To Delegate

Something to remember is that you can’t be around to handle every complaint and crisis. Even if your property management career is young and you only manage one property, the number of complaints you get can quickly overwhelm one person. But that’s why apartment buildings and complexes have more than one person on the staff: every person and department has its own responsibilities. You need to learn to trust your staff, learn what they’re best at, and know when to point them at a situation so you can focus on other things.

Create An Out-Of-Office Backup

Even if you work flexible hours, there are times when you won’t be in your office when a problem comes up. Your staff may be afraid to make a decision when you’re not around to back them up or make one for them, so it’s important to develop a backup plan for the times when there’s a serious problem and you’re unavailable. You can have someone you trust work as an assistant manager or night manager, you could set up an answering service so a person can answer late-night tenant calls, and you can create a chain of command.

Give Yourself A Schedule

The advantage of flexible hours is that you can start and end your workday whenever you want. The disadvantage is that it’s easy to overwork because you’ll keep normal hours and then spend extra time on emergencies and other situations. To avoid this, you should give yourself an adaptable schedule and keep track of the office hours you can cut because you stayed on the clock earlier that week. A property management career can be harder than it looks, especially when you’re still learning how to juggle all your tasks. However, if you can learn what jobs you can delegate, what jobs you can safely leave to your staff entirely, and how these jobs can affect your schedule, you’ll go far in your new career.