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Can You Live Healthy On Flexible Hours?

August 31 2018

 Can You Live Healthy On Flexible Hours?Flexible hours can make it seem hard to spend your off time creating and eating healthy meals or getting in a good amount of exercise. After all, if you have to spend a late evening on a project or on containing an emergency, you’re exhausted when you get home and it’s all too easy to just grab a frozen dinner or stop by an all-night fast food place.

Eating healthy always takes more time and energy, but even if you have a job with flexible hours and a lot to do, there are still ways you can live healthily. Work Out At Work If you have an office job, then you’re probably spending most of your day sitting behind a desk. Sitting for most of the day isn’t very healthy, even if you get up every few minutes to stretch and walk around. You probably can’t put a weight machine in your office and use it between phone calls and paperwork, but there are a few ways you can burn calories at the workplace.

 Go for a jog during your lunch break

 Keep a barbell at the foot of your desk and lift it a few different ways as you work.

 Install a standing desk.

 Use your smartphone for work and walk around when you take and answer phone calls.

By following these and other workplace exercising tips, you may feel extra tired after work, but regular exercise will also give you more energy per day and improve your figure.

Cook At Different Times

If you’re too tired to cook for yourself at the end of the day, then cook for yourself at another time. Consider making your meals using a slow cooker, because you can prepare everything at the beginning of the day while you still have energy and then enjoy a hot meal when you come home. You can also cook your food in big batches, freeze what you don’t eat right away, and then enjoy your leftovers throughout the next week or longer. If you want more variety, you can cook several things and have each frozen food once per week.

Even if you have an unpredictable job with flexible hours, you can still find ways to spare some time to eat right and get some exercise each day. It might not be as easy as going to the gym each day, but your health is worth the effort.