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Could Volunteering Be Good For Your Health?

August 17 2018

Could Volunteering Be Good For Your Health?When you volunteer your time and effort for a good cause, you’re doing more than just padding a résumé or working on your career development.  These aren’t bad things, of course, but volunteering has extra benefits that go beyond your job and career.  Volunteering can improve your frame of mind by letting you do something you honestly enjoy and by letting you experience the enjoyment of helping others.

There aren’t a lot of big studies about all the ways volunteering can help you, but you can still find plenty of evidence that shows what volunteering can do for you.

  •    One good way to fight depression is to get out of your head for a while and engage with something you’re passionate about.  Not only that but also surround yourself with equally passionate people who can help you stay engaged.
  •     Drop your stress levels.  While a volunteer job can be challenging work, doing something you’re passionate about can still lower your overall stress levels.
  •     By volunteering with your spare time, you’re keeping yourself active both mentally and physically throughout more of the day.  This is important because staying active keeps your brain functioning at its peak potential.
  •     You can use volunteering as a way to see the world.  Depending on the organization you volunteer for and what you’re prepared to do, a volunteer job could take you across the country or even across the globe.
  •     Experience the happiness that comes from doing a good thing.  Your emotions can have a very real effect on your health, and the natural high you can experience from volunteering is good for you.

Volunteering can improve your body and mind outside of health benefits, too.  Doing a good job at something you care about can boost your self-confidence, and you can use that confidence to put in a hard day’s work at your paying job.  Then there’s the fact that you’re learning new skills, skills that may come in handy as you focus on your career development.

For all of these reasons and more, you should seriously consider volunteering some of your time for a worthy cause.  You could sort and distribute donations at a shelter, help to clean up highways and wetlands or help senior citizens at an assisted living center by performing chores the residents have trouble with.  So even if you only volunteer because you’re thinking about your career development, you can end up improving your mental health and your job performance by donating your time.