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Volunteering Can Point You To Your Career

July 13 2018

Volunteering Can Point You To Your CareerEach person who decides to volunteer has their own reason for doing so. Some want to help out the less fortunate, some want to help the environment, some want to meet new people with shared interests, and some want to pad their achievements to get into a good college or a good job. However, have you ever considered volunteering as a way to decide your career?

Most volunteer jobs don’t require much in the way of experience. Experience certainly helps, but anything you need to learn you can learn while you’re volunteering. This means you have a chance to learn new skills, work in new environments, and help out in different situations. You might find out you have a knack for doing something or that you love the work you do as a volunteer. As a result, the first step of your career development could begin with a volunteer job

.For instance, many assisted living centers need volunteers to check in with the residents, run errands for them, fix small problems they can’t do themselves anymore, or else figure out how new technology works. Many volunteers find out they enjoy caring for others, and so they decide to switch their career development path to working as a full-time caretaker or a nurse. You could also try out as a volunteer actor at a community theater and discover a hidden talent for stage acting.

Volunteering can also help you find a new career indirectly. The people you work with all have jobs and homes of their own, and they might work in an industry that interests you. Becoming friends and showing your ability to commit to a volunteer job could encourage them to introduce you to their friends and get the kind of job you’re looking for.

There are many reasons to volunteer your time, and career development is as good a reason as any other. You’re giving up your time for a good cause, and if you can use that time to find the perfect career then everybody wins.