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Make The Most Of Flexible Hours

July 6 2018

 Make The Most Of Flexible HoursProperty managers and many other jobs offer flexible hours not because the person in charge is trying something new but because that’s what best fits the needs of the job. A crisis can hit a unit at any time of day or night, especially because not every tenant works the same schedule, and a property manager that can go on the clock whenever they’re needed is one that will have happy tenants.

However, flexible hours have their downsides, especially for jobs that need to be on call. It can be too easy to put in more hours than you have to, and that means if you’re salaried you’re working for nothing and if you get an hourly wage your employer won’t be very happy to pay for constant overtime. You need to put some thought into your schedule when you work flexible hours, because otherwise they’ll end up stressing you out.


Stick With Regular Hours


One strategy to handling a flexible schedule is to work regular hours as much as possible. This helps people know where and when they can find you, and that’s important for a manager, and it lets you spend your work hours consistently. If you need to go back on the clock in the evening or overnight, you can take that time off your Friday schedule, and if you need to leave early for personal business you can add that time on. It’s a simple approach, and it spreads out your work hours.


Consider Compression


Compressed work schedules are good for many jobs that offer flexible hours. Instead of working eight hours for five days, you can work ten hours for four days and give yourself a three-day weekend. However, this isn’t the best solution for on-call jobs or jobs that demand a lot of coordination with others (assuming the whole office isn’t on a compressed schedule). Still, if you can do your job at any time and you don’t need immediate feedback, a compressed schedule can be a good way to take advantage of flexible hours.

A flexible schedule sounds nice when you’re stuck working the same eight hours every day, but work is still work and 40 hours are still 40 hours. There are some definite advantages to working different hours when you need to leave early or solve a late-night crisis, but you need to understand the strategy of using those hours wisely. If you can do that, then a flexible schedule can work for you.