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Is Property Management The Right Choice For You?

June 29 2018

Is Property Management The Right Choice For You?Property management careers can be rewarding, both for the challenges they offer and for the salaries they provide. However, they aren’t for everyone. Managing a property demands a certain set of skills, and while you can learn a lot of them as you work your way up to a management position, not everyone enjoys using them. So before you decide to enter the field or move up the food chain from your current position, you should ask yourself a couple of questions.


Am I A People Person?


Do you enjoy talking to people? If you spent all day meeting with one person after another or speaking to large groups all together, would you call that a day well spent? Working as a manager demands spending a lot of every day with people, either because you’re talking things over with your employees or because you’re giving your tenants some personal attention. If you’d rather spend your days locked in an office with a computer or in a shop working with your hands, there are other careers waiting for you. Am I Good With Numbers?

Most property management careers demand an understanding of accounting and spreadsheets. You may not have to handle your tenants’ utility bills, but you will have to deal with counting up the staff’s paychecks, setting and collecting the rent, talking to contractors when a unit needs a fix or an upgrade, and making sure all the numbers add up when you deliver them to the property owner. Employees can handle a lot of this paperwork, but you’re responsible for the numbers and you need to know how they work.


Can I Handle A Flexible Schedule?


Working flex hours can sound appealing, especially if you’re stuck in a 9-5 job, but that flexibility has its own downsides. Many people get nervous about putting in enough hours, so they end up working extra at the beginning of the week and then working more through all the crises that happen on Thursdays and Fridays. Property managers need flexible schedules because problems can happen at any hour, and the faster they can handle them the happier the tenants and employees will be.

If you’re seeing a future for yourself in property management careers, you should be sure you’re ready for what it demands. The salary is good, but that’s because it’s a demanding job. There are plenty of other ways to make a living, so make sure you’re ready for the job before you sign up for it.