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The Value of Nurses for Healthy Living in Senior Housing Communities

June 8 2018

The Value of Nurses for Healthy Living in Senior Housing Communities A good nurse encompasses the five core values of professional nursing:

• Human dignity

• Integrity

• Autonomy

• Altruism

• Social Justice


Human Dignity


As a nurse, you must understand that human dignity is a fundamental human right and is a moral obligation. In any nursing field, you want to be sure to maintain an elevated level of professionalism and decency. This is especially true in a senior housing community in which people depend on your care daily.




When you study to become a nurse, you are taught that you should always provide the best and highest level of care that you can. In doing so, you may need to practice the art of self-reflection and reflect on who you are as a person and what you wish to accomplish.




Autonomy is important because it is your way of engaging the person you are caring for and allowing them to be an integral part of the decision-making process. It shows that you are able to respect their opinion and you are willing to listen.




Altruism is when there is concern for the welfare and well-being of others. As a nurse, this is reflected in the concern you show for those you care for as well as their welfare.


Social Justice


As a nurse, you have an ethical responsibility to practice social justice in your field. You are first responsible for providing the highest quality of care to all people while remaining honest and respectful.

Nurses are awarded with the satisfaction of being able to sympathize with others and are able to treat them with respect. As a career, it is rewarding and can lead to career development in the future as you rise through the ranks of the healthcare industry.

Healthy living is important to a person’s overall well-being and happiness and employing the right nurses is a good step in a more positive direction when keeping the focus on the care and treatment of others.

At Lockwood, there are many other career development opportunities available as well and the opportunity to receive many premium employee benefits such as insurance and educational assistance.

Lockwood offers both residential and senior living apartments and employs several positions to maintain these apartments to achieve a high level of resident satisfaction for everyone.