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Choosing a Career With Lockwood Companies

May 25 2018

Choosing a Career With Lockwood CompaniesLockwood Companies is one of the leading property management companies in Michigan and offers apartment housing for families and seniors. Not only does our Executive team have experience with non-profit organizations and volunteer outreach programs, but they also exhibit diverse backgrounds in many areas of business including finance, accounting, operations, and project management. Currently, there are several employment opportunities available if you are looking for ways to develop a career or you are in the process of choosing a new career path. With Lockwood, you may be presented with the opportunity of flexible hours, the chance for career development, and a package of other benefits.


Current Communities


Currently, we have over thirty communities including senior and multi-family properties. We offer a higher level of service and commitment to each resident, and we have been able to reduce operating costs in the process.


Benefits Lockwood


Offers If you are employed as a permanent and full-time employee, you will have access to medical, vision, dental, and life insurance. You can also receive short and long-term disability insurance, a 401K, paid holidays and time off, educational assistance, and access to a health and dependent care reimbursement account.


Value of Educational Assistance


With educational assistance, you are presented with the opportunity to improve your professional skills and learn important skills that you can take with you as you develop your professional career.

It can also encourage you to become more motivated and loyal to the company you are working for because they are helping you learn and grow. This brings the potential level of employee happiness to an elevated level.


Health and Dependent Care Reimbursement Account


This is a premium benefit in itself because a dependent care reimbursement account can help pay for eligible care provider expenses like a daycare provider, a preschool, or an afterschool program so that you can continue to work.


The benefit of Insurance Through an Employer


When you have an insurance policy through an employer, as an employee you can choose to pay your premiums on a pre-tax basis because it is looked at as a business expense for the employer.

Also, being given the opportunity to purchase a life insurance policy through your employer is a simple and straightforward way of being able to protect your family.

With many career opportunities available, you owe it to yourself to investigate the benefits and advantages of working for Lockwood Companies. From the premium benefits to the satisfaction of having a job that keeps you interested and motivated, you will find that a career with Lockwood is a good choice.