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Flexible Hours Versus Structured Hours

May 4 2018

Flexible Hours Versus Structured HoursWhich is best, a flexible schedule or a structured schedule? It’s an endless debate, mostly because both options have pros and cons. Mostly it comes down to a few important factors, and while flexible hours can look attractive to someone stuck with a structured schedule it’s important to know what you’re in for if you choose a job like property management that demands flexibility.


Dealing With The Unexpected


When some emergency comes up, whether it’s personal or work-related, flexible hours are definitely the best. You can switch between your job and your home life right when you need to, and you can spend as much time on each crisis as you need. It can get rough if something bad is happening at work and at home, but that’s true no matter what your schedule looks like.


Creating A Work-Life Balance


Believe it or not, structured schedules are usually better at keeping your work and home life balanced. The fact that you go to work and you go home at the same times every day makes it easy to separate these two parts of your life and give both of them the time and attention they deserve. With flexible hours you can wind up spending extra time at work and you might have to show up at any time of day, making your personal schedule harder to plan.

There’s also the fact that different jobs are better at offering structured or flexible hours. As a property manager, it helps to be on call so that if something happens at one of the units in the afternoon or at night you can be on the job immediately and start directing your employees. It’s especially important if you manage several properties since you need to give each one the time it deserves. Just remember to make time for your personal life so that your work won’t burn you out.