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3 Tips For Effective Property Managers

April 27 2018

3 Tips For Effective Property ManagersProperty management careers demand that you understand a few skills if you want to go far. Business accounting is important, and advertising can help if you’re in charge of promoting the properties you manage. People skills are also essential, and not just for encouraging people to sign leases or for calming down stressed-out tenants. You also need to know how to effectively manage a staff, and no matter what size or industry you’re in there are a few key things to remember.


Share Information With Your Staff


As the manager on site, you get to have the final word. However, this privilege doesn’t let you automatically understand everything better than your employees. If someone comes to you with a problem, either with the building, a tenant, or another employee, you should never dismiss what they have to say. They may know something you don’t, and they may have ideas that could make the business more effective.

It also helps to explain your decisions to your staff. It’s all too easy to hand down your decisions and expect your employees to follow them automatically, but it can really help your staff stick together when they know what everyone else is dealing with. It’s especially important to explain yourself when you have to adjust the budget.


Encourage And Motivate


As the manager, morale is your responsibility, and it can have a much bigger impact on job performance than you might think. A little politeness can go a long way to making your employees feel appreciated, and listening to their complaints and concerns can make them feel better even if you don’t have any way to help them. You can also boost morale with office parties and special theme days, but you shouldn’t require your employees to participate.


Delegate Responsibilities And Credit


If you want to do everything yourself, property management careers that put you in charge of several employees isn’t the right path for you. The point of hiring staff for the front office and maintenance is to have experts to do those jobs so you can concentrate on other things. Your staff may need some training and you might be able to help with that, but nobody likes it when a manager tries to do their job for them. People also don’t like managers who take credit for their hard work and ideas, so spread credit around where it belongs.

Knowing how to manage a staff is a crucial part of being in charge, and so you should learn how best to do it if you want to advance up the ranks. Property management careers demand a few different skills, but keeping your employees happy and productive might just be the top skill on the list.