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3 Careers Connected To Senior Care

April 20 2018

 3 Careers Connected To Senior Care The field of senior care is always growing. At this point even the youngest Baby Boomers are entering the senior age brackets, and they’re living much longer on average than their parents did. Because of this, senior care facilities of every kind are springing up across the nation, including everything from assisted living centers where residents get a little help now and then to long-term care centers with residents who can no longer get out of bed.

As a growing industry, you can experience some strong career development and eventually get a high-paying job as a property manager for a senior residence. However, if that’s not the kind of long-term career plan you have in mind, you can still get some valuable experience by working at a senior residence. What you learn there can help you out in plenty of other industries.


Food Preparation


Everyone ages a little differently, and while one 70-year-old woman might have all her teeth and a love of fried chicken fingers, her neighbor might have dentures that always seem to fall out and gluten intolerance. Anyone can have diet restrictions and food allergies, but with seniors it gets more complicated since the medical conditions and medications that come with old age can add their own dietary requirements. If you can cook tasty, healthy food that satisfies everyone at a senior center, creating a restaurant menu will be a cinch.




Caring for seniors who need daily visits can demand a lot from anyone, and the position is already a few steps beyond working as a nurse at a clinic or even a hospital. There’s still room to grow, though, since you might want a management position or a nurse practitioner license. Working at a senior center can help with your career development by proving you can handle yourself in stressful situations.




As people grow older, they tend to lose the strength and mobility they had when they were younger, plus many seniors become out-of-touch with changing technology. As a result, the maintenance staff at an assisted-living center can become skilled at repairing and maintaining all kinds of different appliances and devices. That means you can help a lot of clients if you decide to go into business for yourself.

Career development doesn’t always mean climbing up the management ladder. Sometimes it means working at places where you can get a lot of experience so you can get a better position somewhere else or start working for yourself. So even if you don’t plan on working in the senior care industry forever, some experience in the field can do wonders for getting you a high-paying job or a head start with your own business.