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The Importance Of Senior-Focused Interior Design

April 13 2018

The Importance Of Senior-Focused Interior DesignAssisted living housing needs to have senior citizens in mind, and that includes both public-space design choices like having convenient wheelchair-friendly elevators and interior design choices that keep convenience and safety in mind. People considering property management careers in senior living communities should be able to look at a living space with a senior citizen in mind, and that can include all of the following design tips.


Non-Slip Surfaces


Anyone can slip and fall at home, but with seniors these slips can have much more serious consequences. That’s why it’s important to minimize the risk of slipping in a senior living space.You can add non-slip mats to the kitchen area to make it harder to slip on spilled water, and you can put non-slip pads underneath rugs to keep them from moving around unexpectedly.


Door Handles


Knobs are the traditional thing you put on a door to turn the latch, but they can be hard to grasp ifyou have arthritis or some other condition that keeps you from using your fingers. If you work ata newer complex you probably don’t have to worry about this problem since the doors will have easier to use handles, but if you manage an older property it’s worth the expense to replace any doorknobs still left in the place.




Good, strong lighting is important for seniors who don’t want to trip over something in the dark, especially since not every senior keeps up with their glasses prescription. Good lighting is especially important around stairs since you don’t want a resident to miss a step and trip.




Speaking of non-stick surfaces, every bathtub in your building should have a rough base that keeps its traction even when wet and at least one grab bar so people with poor balance can keep themselves stable while washing their legs. Grab bars are also helpful near the toilet. Faucets and showers with single handles are easier to keep at a reasonable temperature, and a shower with a flexible or detachable head is easier for someone with low mobility to use.Property management careers in assisted-living communities involve thinking about things that regular property managers usually don’t have to worry about. You need to be able to accommodate all kinds of mobility restrictions, including ones that affect the upper and lower body. Every senior has different concerns and limitations, and people who want their property management careers to keep going should make each living space and public area a safe place for anyone with limited mobility.