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Flexible Hours Can Be Tough, But Rewarding

March 30 2018

 Flexible Hours Can Be Tough, But RewardingWhen you reach the level of property manager, you may as well wave goodbye to the idea of a nine-to-five regular workweek. The job requires you to interact with people in situations where you’re on the clock but they aren’t, like evening meetings with community groups, property owners, residents, and others.

You need to be on call for emergency situations, and while there are usually people below you who handle unit tours and lease agreements, you may need to get involved yourself if things become busy. Even your weekends aren’t safe, since that’s when many groups plan their meetings and many prospective renters tour the site, plus emergencies don’t always wait till Monday.

You often hear people talk about flexible hours like they’re always a good thing, and while it certainly opens the worker up to do other things during the day, it also means you’re opening yourself to midnight meetings and spending all night on last-minute assignments. Salaried jobs generally don’t pay overtime, and so “flexible hours” can be an invitation to experience more stress since many employees either put in the required hours early and before the emergency hits or else they feel an obligation to still work the regular hours on top.

Fortunately, property owners and real estate companies are aware of how property management works. That’s why most companies let their managers have a completely flexible schedule: so long as they put in their 40 hours, they can skip as many of their scheduled working hours as they like. After all, it’s more important to be available for emergencies and unusual situations than it is to sit in your office and go over paperwork you’ve already handled.Flexible hours are all part of the job as a property manager, but that’s because your properties and your residents will set your hours and not you. Still, the work is challenging, varied, and candemand a lot of different skills like accounting, pitching sales, managing and motivating a staff, and understanding home and building repair. The pay range is pretty good, too. So if you can handle a flexible schedule and take enough time for yourself, and if you like a good challenge, then property management may be the perfect career for you.