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Stress Management Is Key For Any Profession

March 2 2018

Stress Management Is Key For Any ProfessionIf you want to live your life stress-free, then you’re going to be disappointed. Stress is a part of life, a reaction to when things don’t go your way, and no one on earth gets to have things go their way every day.

Residential property management is certainly no exception, and in many ways it can be a very stressful and demanding job. After all, if everything is going well at a residence it should basically run itself, and so property managers are only called in when something is going wrong. Tempers run high in these situations as people want their homes to go back to normal as fast as possible (or even faster than that), and that puts a lot of pressure on the manager.

That’s one of the main reasons why Lockwood Companies regularly assigns no more than eight properties per manager or up to 10 on a temporary basis. That’s opposed to the 15-20 other property developers give to their managers. By giving fewer properties to each manager, we let them have the time it takes to understand and deal with the problems at each location, and we allow for flexible hours so our managers can handle problems as they come up instead of either waiting until the next workday or cutting into personal time.

And that personal time is a key part of managing and reducing stress. A stress-free life may be a pipe dream, but so long as you can burn off the stress you build up you’ll be able to enjoy your work and keep it at arm’s length when you go home. Flexible hours can be a great help in this respect, especially for a job where you need to solve unexpected problems. You can spend your work hours dealing with important management issues, and then you’ll still have plenty of time to decompress and forget about your professional troubles.

Managing your stress levels is important for feeling happy and satisfied with your life, and so it makes good sense to sign on with an employer who understands this and does things like allowing flexible hours and keeping each employee’s responsibilities to a reasonable number. So if you’re looking to start or continue a career in residential property management, you should certainly consider signing on with a Lockwood Company and find out what makes us one of the best family and senior-living property developer in the country.