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Assisted Living Centers Can Be Great For Career Advancement

February 23 2018

Assisted Living Centers Can Be Great For Career AdvancementAssisted living centers for seniors and the disabled can come in the shape of apartment buildings, complexes, cottages, and sometimes regular neighborhoods with modest home sizes and more perks than you’d get from living on your own. These centers are also always on the lookout for extra help, starting with volunteers who can make grocery runs or keep someone company and extending up to nurses, handymen and women, and property managers who can organize everything and keep the residents happy.

That’s why assisted living can be a great career development path. There are a lot of jobs that need doing, big and small, and there’s a high demand for people who can get those jobs done and who are ready to work with seniors, especially with seniors who suffer from advancing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

The number of job openings alone makes assisted living support a fast way to experience career development, but there’s more to it than just speed. You also get the advantage of experience, at least if you’re willing to listen to the seniors you’ll be taking care of. These are people who have been through entire careers of their own, and they often have good advice and interesting stories that can help you identify your opportunities and make the best use of them. You may be surprised to realize just how many people have been in your shoes before.

Many potential employers will also look at you more favorably if you have experience working for a senior housing group instead of just a regular residential apartment complex. Assisting seniors involves more tasks than what you see at the average apartment, and so having experience with assisted living means your new employer can trust you with more responsibilities right out of the gate. This means that you’ll enjoy faster career development even if you decide to switch to managing a more traditional residential property instead of sticking with senior living centers.

Helping seniors at assisted living centers can be a fast track to property management if you’re willing to work hard, learn quickly, and learn all the different skills you’ll need to be effective at your job. And since these centers often accept volunteers, you can start whenever you want even if you have no previous experience. So while working with seniors may not be for everyone, there’s plenty of room for advancement if you’re ready to take advantage of it.