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3 Steps To Achieving The Work-Life Balance

February 16 2018

3 Steps To Achieving The Work-Life BalancePeople have to work. This is how the mortgage gets paid, the groceries get bought, and the kids get sent to college. Work is also a means of personal fulfillment; it feels good to be able to provide for oneself and one’s family. Work gives people a purpose, and anyone who has ever been out of work for a time knows just how it feels when the purpose gets lost.


Work To Live Or Live To Work?


One of the most talked-about topics in the workforce is how to achieve the work-life balance. Your job can leave little time for life outside of work; even if you have flexible hours. Finding time outside of your career development becomes more of a struggle for those who have a family at home. Without balance, even those who absolutely love what they do for a living can suffer from job burnout.

To avoid burnout and achieve a better balance in your life and career, follow these 3 simple tips to success:


1. Establish Your Boundaries. Flexible hours are great, but when you’re available to your employer 24/7, it can become overwhelming. Talk with your employer about what’s expected of you, and let them know what your availability is. With expectations clearly defined and boundaries in place on both sides, you’re less likely to feel the pressure of what you assume must be done, giving you time to achieve what’s required.

2. Prioritize You Time. Think about how you spend your time during the day. Do you accomplish what you need to accomplish, or do you fall short in your goals? Identify your top priorities daily and focus on getting them done first. Resist the urge to waste time on things that don’t matter. Cut out any meaningless activities and interactions that don’t add to your career development or personal goals.

3. Stop Multitasking. The brain is simply not wired to concentrate on multiple things at one time. Give your full concentration to the task at hand. Don’t catch up on work emails at your daughter’s soccer game, and don’t plan your family vacation while at work. Focusing on one thing at a time will give you more enjoyment and make you more productive.


Finding a job with flexible hours can go a long way toward the work-life balance, but be sure to implement these 3 steps to keep your personal life on track, your career development goals in sight, and avoid job burnout.