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The Best Career For College Students

February 9 2018

The Best Career For College Students College tuition and books is expensive, so many college students have to work while going to school. Sadly, finding a good job that allows you to balance your class schedule with your work obligations is a challenge. So many college students often settle for lower paying jobs outside of their dream career field that offer flexibility, rather than a good job that can help them build their career. Fortunately, as a community manager with Lockwood Companies, you can start building your career, but still focus on your education. 


We Offer Flexible Hours


As a community manager you will have the flexibility to take the classes you need to graduate, but still, build your career with us. We believe in the importance of a work/life balance and fostering employee growth, so we can accommodate your schedule for your continuing education.


Valuable Work Experience


Community managers have a variety of different tasks that offer an experience you can use in a variety of different industries. Community managers are in charge of accounting functions, marketing and sales, human resources, customer service, and compliance. No matter what career you are building toward, working as a community manager with Lockwood Companies will get you the professional experience you need.


An Exciting Career


Path Being a community manager is in itself an exciting career choice. No matter what you are studying, it’s a great career choice to consider. Lockwood Companies is the leading property management company in Michigan, so there is a ton of growth opportunity. The job itself is never boring or routine because there is a lot of diversity to the role. Plus, there are always changes to the industry. Also, as a community manager, you’ll feel a sense of fulfillment every day because your primary job is to help people.


Benefits To Better Your Life


When you are still in college, benefits are extremely important. At Lockwood Companies, we offer tuition reimbursement to help keep your tuition costs and students loans manageable. We also offer great health insurance including vision and dental. Plus, a 401K to help you begin saving for retirement right away.

So what’s the best career for college students? A community manager with Lockwood Companies. If you’d like to learn more or are interested in applying with us, check out our current job listings or give us a call. We’d love to tell you more about how a career with Lockwood Companies is a great option for your life!