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Seven Ways To Know If You’d Be A Great Maintenance Technician

February 2 2018

Seven Ways To Know If You’d Be A Great Maintenance TechnicianThere are a variety of great careers with Lockwood Companies, but one of the most interesting is as a Maintenance Technician. Maintenance technicians have a really diverse and challenging job. If you are considering a career as a maintenance technician here are seven questions to ask yourself:


1. Do you love helping people?


The primary job of a maintenance technician is to help people in our communities. Whether there’s a leak, a broken air conditioner, or someone simply lost their keys, you’ll be there to help them solve their problems.


2. Do you love a challenge?


Maintenance technicians spend a lot of time troubleshooting and figuring the source of different problems. So if you like a job where you are constantly challenged, maintenance technician is right for you!


3. Do you like variety in your job?


Maintenance technicians have a really diverse variety of tasks. You’ll be responsible for maintaining everything from masonry to plumbing to carpentry. With so many different responsibilities, you’ll never have a day where you do the same thing.


4. Do you love learning new things?


There’s a lot of different tasks you will take on as a maintenance technician, so you will constantly be learning new things and improving on your professional skills.


5. Do you love working with your hands?


Do you love tinkering in your spare time? Do you love working with tools? Do you love taking a hands on approach to work? Imagine doing all of these things for a full-time job! If you love working with your hands, becoming a maintenance technician is a dream job!


6. Do you like working non-traditional hours?


Maintenance technicians do not work a standard 9-5. They work when their services are needed. So if you love working unconventional hours and having job flexibility, becoming a maintenance technician is great option.


7. Do you like taking pride in your work?


One of the best parts of being a maintenance technician is you can see the outcome of your work. Every day you’ll walk past projects you’ve completed and improvements you’ve made. So you’ll always be able to take pride in the work you’ve done.


If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, then becoming a maintenance technician is the perfect career for you! At Lockwood Companies, we offer great pay and benefits, foster a work/life balance, and support the career development of our employees. So if it’s time for you to join a great company in the role of maintenance technician, check out our open positions today!