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10 Great Reasons To Become A Groundskeeper

January 26 2018

10 Great Reasons To Become A GroundskeeperLooking for a career change? At Lockwood Companies, we have a variety of great career options for everyone. One of the most popular careers is as a groundskeeper. Groundskeepers are responsible for maintaining the look of our communities.


1. You’ll never have to spend another day sitting indoors. When you are a groundskeeper you get to work outside everyday.

2. When you work as a groundskeeper, you can cancel your gym membership. Groundskeeping is a very active job, so you’ll be able to get paid for a fun job and stay in great shape.

3. Groundskeepers are an essential part of the community. If you love making friends and connecting with people, it’s a great career.

4. Unlike some other careers, you will always see the results of your work. You can take pride everyday in a job well done.

5. Groundskeepers have a diverse variety of job duties, so no two days will ever be the same. Plus, you’ll have many opportunities to problem-solve and find unique ways to overcome challenges. So you’ll never get bored as a groundskeeper.

6. Do you love taking a hands-on approach to work? Do you enjoy using tools and machinery? Do you like really digging in and getting things done? Then groundskeeping is a perfect career for you. You’ll work with your hands everyday!

7. If you are looking for more work/life balance, groundskeeping is a great option. You’ll have flexible hours as a groundskeeper, so you’ll be able to really enjoy your life outside of work.

8. Between painting, landscaping, and upgrading common areas, groundskeeping is a surprisingly creative job.

9. It’s a great entry to an exciting career path. You’ll gain a lot of valuable professional skills that you can use to build your career. Many of our employees started as groundskeepers and now work as maintenance technicians and managers.

10. You’ll be a trusted and valued employee. The maintenance of our grounds is really important to us, so we reward our groundskeepers with competitive pay, great benefits, and a fun company culture.


If becoming a groundskeeper sounds like a great career opportunity for you, check out our current job listings. We are always looking to hire talented, driven people who want more than just a job but are looking for an opportunity to develop personally and professionally.