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Unsure About Your Career Path?

January 12 2018

Unsure About Your Career Path? Do you find yourself wanting more out of your job, or find yourself working what feels like a dead-end job? Do you feel as though your career development is going in circles, instead of heading in a clear direction? If so, you’re not alone. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average person changes jobs 12 times throughout their career. 

If you are feeling frustrated with your current role and unsure about your career path, consider trying a few of these recommendations. 

  • Volunteer – Volunteering can expose you to new industries while still working your current role. It also provides valuable experience that can help improve your self-value. If you find yourself happy volunteering, consider pursuing a career in that industry. 
  • Internships – An internship can allow you to “test-drive” different jobs. These jobs typically last a few months, after which you’ll have a better idea of how the position would impact your career development. Even if you work an internship and discover that a particular industry is not for you, the skills you acquired while working will not go to waste. 
  • Connect with Professionals – If you have a future career in mind, reach out to professionals within that field. Ask them questions about their day-to-day life, and what steps they took to reach success in their industry. Most professionals appreciate the enthusiasm and are happy to help peers who are eager to be successful. 
  • Be Open to New Ideas – The right opportunity for you may present itself when you least expect it. For example, many young professionals do not initially consider a property management career but end up loving the work-life balance and flexible hours it provides. Don’t turn down an opportunity, because you’ll never know what may end up being the right fit for you.