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Volunteering Over Winter Break

December 8 2017

Volunteering Over Winter Break Winter break is a great time to volunteer. Many employers offer a winter break to their employees, which typically lasts from Christmas through New Year’s. This break provides necessary R&R and a sense of fulfillment before beginning the year, especially for those who work a strict schedule and do not have built-in flexible hours. How can you volunteer over your winter break this year, and why is it important to do so?   


The Benefits Of Volunteering 

If you’ve never volunteered before, you may be hesitant to try it. It’s easy to find a winter break volunteering opportunity that lasts a few hours to help ease you in. Volunteering can be very beneficial and is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Volunteering can 

  • Connect You to Others – You’ll meet new friends and expand your professional network. 
  • Improve Your Mind and Body – Volunteering has been proven to combat depression and reduce the effects of anxiety, stress, and anger. 
  • Help Advance Your Career – You can learn valuable job skills while volunteering. 
  • Bring A Sense of Fulfillment to Your Life – You’ll re-spark your creative energy and motivation. 

Researching Volunteer Opportunities In Your Area 

There should be a number of volunteering opportunities in your area, and finding them shouldn’t be too difficult. A simple internet search should yield a number of possibilities. Your employer may also be able to point you in the right direction and provide local places that provide volunteer work. Before you begin your search, however, you should have an idea of how you would like to help. From helping the homeless to assisting the elderly, to building homes or engaging in other projects, you should be able to find a volunteering opportunity that perfectly meets your interests. Knowing how you would like to help will make finding a place to help much easier.  


Consider Taking A Volunteering Trip 


If you’re really committed to volunteering, consider taking an alternative break volunteering trip. Companies such as Projects Abroad make it easy to volunteer overseas. There are no set dates, and an ample number of projects available. The company offers Winter Break group trips geared toward students and employees on a winter break. There are typically no requirements, other than that you are older than 16, have an open mind, and are willing to help where your help is needed! From Ghana to Fiji, the exciting volunteer opportunities are endless. 


Don’t Wait Until Winter Break 


If volunteering is something you’re passionate about, don’t limit yourself to winter break. If you don’t have flexible work hours, you can still volunteer on weekends or take a personal day from work to commit to a volunteering project. If you’re really looking for a change and a fulfilling career that promotes work-life balance, consider jumping into a property management career. A property management career is perfect for those with side passions, such as volunteering. You’ll work flexible hours, so you can build your volunteering schedule directly into your work schedule.