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Healthy Living Tips To Help You Through The Winter

December 1 2017

Healthy Living Tips To Help You Through The WinterAs the weather grows increasingly colder in Michigan over the next few weeks, it’s important you take steps to care for your health. It’s easy to get sick and miss time away from work, harming your career development. Consider these healthy living tips to help you through the winter. 

  • Get a Flu Shot –The flu is one of the ways people are most susceptible to getting sick in the winter. In fact, 36,000 people die annually in the United States from flu complications, and 200,000 are hospitalized. The flu can knock you out for weeks, hampering your career development as you bring 2017 to a close. A shot is easy to get and can often be found for free at your local pharmacy. And the myth that you’ll get the flu from the flu shot is false! 
  • Avoid Heartburn – The holiday season is a time when many indulge on food and alcohol. Eat slowly and in moderation. Symptoms of heartburn are much more likely when you pack your stomach full. Stretching or walking after a meal can also help you avoid heartburn. 
  • Be Wary of Sunburn – That’s right! Just because the temperatures have cooled does not mean UV rays are any weaker. People often get sunburnt while skiing or hiking outdoors during the winter because they don’t use sunscreen. UVA light can also pass through windows, so spending time indoors or in a car does not mean you are safe. Keep up with the sunscreen throughout the winter. Your skin will surely thank you! 
  • Prevent Cold Sores – These annoying “fever blisters” are brought on by lack of sleep, too much stress, and too much sugar, all things that are more likely during the holiday season. Make sure you frequently wash your hands and get plenty of rest. 

Staying healthy through the winter can allow you be the best version of yourself, and continue on your career development track. Dedicate time to yourself this winter and keep healthy!