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What Are Millennials Looking For In Their Careers?

November 17 2017

What Are Millennials Looking For In Their Careers?
As a young professional, entering the workforce can be stressful. Many millennials are searching for fulfillment in their careers. Millennials will soon become the majority of America’s workforce, and it’s important to have an understanding of what will bring happiness, motivation, and success in their careers. Believe it or not, many millennials are not in search of the biggest paycheck. If not money, what is it exactly that millennials are looking for in their careers? Below are the three biggest motivators driving millennials in their career search. 

  • Flexible Hours – The idea of a nine-to-five is unappealing to a millennial. Growing up in a fast-paced world fueled by technology, millennials don’t measure success by the number of hours they put in, but rather by the amount of work they put out. In fact, PWC released a study that indicated many millennials would sacrifice pay or a promotion if it meant achieving their ideal schedule. The work-life balance necessity displayed by millennials is unlike anything previously seen in the workforce. 
  • Inspiration – Millennials are concerned with continuing education and growing as young professionals. They are not motivated by the number on their paycheck at the end of the week, but rather if they properly invested their time to acquire the skills and knowledge that will help them grow. Millennials most enjoy training programs that are a learning experience, allowing them to explore and discover their professional goals, interests, and passions.  
  • A Sense of Purpose – Millennials want to be valued within an organization, and serve a purpose to a company. They are concerned about volunteering and having a sense of social responsibility, and they want to find a company who shares similar beliefs. Deloitte conducted a survey that revealed 60% of millennials chose their current employer based on a “sense of purpose.” 

Millennials Are The Perfect Fit For Property Management Careers 

There’s a tremendous career growth opportunity for millennials in the property management industry. Sixty percent of the industry is expected to retire in the next five years, leaving a huge opportunity for those interested in property management careers. Property management careers offer work-life balance and flexible hours. Some companies within the industry, including Lockwood, promote volunteering and continuing education. Property management careers offer everything millennials are looking for in a career, and should strongly be considered by millennials struggling to find fulfillment and purpose in their current positions.