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Satisfied Employees Are Productive Employees

November 3 2017

Satisfied Employees Are Productive EmployeesWhy would you work somewhere that you were unhappy? As you continue with your career development, it’s important to constantly self-evaluate and ask yourself if you’re happy where you are. Fortunately, some employers are starting to realize that satisfied employees are productive employees. It’s up to you to find the right fit with a company, in a career field that you’re excited about.

Happiness In The Workplace

The University of Warwick recently found that employees who were happy were 12% more productive than their coworkers, while employees who were unhappy were 10% less productive. The Warwick research team assigned to the product said in their findings, “We find that human happiness has large and causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings.

A Relationship With Your Employer

The study also indicated that companies that invest in employee support and satisfaction increase the happiness of their employees. A supportive employer can be crucial to your career development. How can your employer be supportive and enhance your career development and happiness? Consider Lockwood as an example. At Lockwood, employees are provided educational assistance for continuing their education. Associates are motivated through providing an open-door policy and encouraging an entrepreneurial and service spirit at the community and corporate level. They promote a culture that is team focused, based around doing the right thing.

Finding The Right Fit

When searching for a job, you should have an idea of what will make you happy. Sure, money and benefits help. But what if you had to work 20-hour days, without flexible hours, for one million dollars a year. Would you be happy? Probably not. Prioritize things you’d like to receive out of your job. This could include things non-quantitative things such as “Shown Respect” or “Supported When Taking Risks.”