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Struggling With The Job Search?

October 13 2017

Struggling With The Job Search? The job-search can be frustrating and humbling, especially if you are a young professional. In fact, the millennial unemployment rate is nearly triple the national average. Even if you are employed, you may find yourself bored and unsatisfied with your current career choice. It’s frustrating feeling that your career development has stalled at such a young age, as you search for a more fulfilling career. It’s never too late to find a job that is perfect for you. Consider these tips to help with the job search. 

  • Have Reasonable Expectations – Much like your career development, your job search will take time. You will not find a job overnight. It’s going to take hard work. Some even say that finding a job is a full-time job in and of itself. A Heartland Monitor Poll XXIII showed that 78% of current adults claimed it was harder for young people to get started now than it was when they were the same age. Have patience with the process. 
  • Be Open to New Possibilities – Many people limit themselves to one industry or area of career development, when in fact there is another industry in which they would excel. For example, property management careers are great for individuals from all backgrounds, and offer flexible hours and great work-life balance. You may need to get creative and think outside of the box before you find a career you are satisfied with! 
  • Use Your Networks – Friends, family, and colleagues may be able to give advice or recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and utilize the professional contacts you’ve created to this point. If your network is thin, begin reaching out to people in your industry to establish relationships. 
  • Be Proactive – You should not just upload your resume to a few job boards, sit back, and wait. You should follow up with employers after sending your resume and cover letter. You should also not just rely on job boards to provide you with potential openings. You’ll need to go get the job you’re looking for, not wait for it to come to you!