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A Successful Employee Recognition Program

October 6 2017

A Successful Employee Recognition Program Employees like to feel valued and be acknowledged. Taking the time to recognize employees can motivate and improve the morale of your entire workforce. If you are an employer and do not engage in an employee recognition program, you should immediately begin to do so, so that you may acknowledge those whose work is representative of your company’s goals and values. If you are a young professional, consider finding a company in the property management careers industry that will recognize you for your accomplishments. 

There’s Substantial Benefits To Employee Recognition 

Recognizing your employees can drive home your organization’s values and reinforces what outcomes you’re looking for in your daily business operations. Recognizing upstanding behavior that exceeds your organization’s goals and values helps demonstrate to the rest of the company the behaviors that you’d like to see repeated day-in and day-out. The potential to be recognized and honored in front of their coworkers can also motivate employees to do the right thing. 

Tips For An Employee Recognition Program 

Employee recognition programs do not have to be over the top or dramatic. The best employee recognition programs are simple and reinforcing. Consider the following to help apply an effective employee recognition program to those working property management careers. 

  • Everyone Should be Eligible for Recognition – No one should be excluded from consideration. All teams and individual team members should be able to be recognized. 
  • Employee Recognition Should be Behavioral Based – It cannot be stressed enough that employee recognition should emphasize the moral and ethical behaviors that you would like to see other members of your team exhibit daily. This is especially important in property management careers. For example, you should recognize employees who went above and beyond to help a tenant in a dire time of need, or who dropped something to help their team in the time of crisis. An employee who simply met their quota should not be recognized simply for doing so. 
  • The Criteria Should be Clear – If you clearly define the criteria that will make an employee eligible for an award, it will be easier for your employees to understand what you’re looking for and how they should perform. 
  • There Can be More Than One Winner – If multiple employees meet the criteria you’ve set, don’t be afraid to recognize all of them. Remember, this process is about encouraging, not discouraging! An “Employee of the Month” program is rarely effective, because it leaves behind a sense of managerial favoritism. 
  • There Doesn’t Have to be a Deadline – Instead of recognizing employees every month or every quarter, you should instead recognize them as soon as the action occurs. 

Feel Respected At Work

If you’re in search of a job that will allow you to be recognized and feel respected, look no further than property management careers. At Lookwood, we are team focused. We place team goals ahead of personal goals. We empower our community associate teams to consistently deliver the highest quality service to our residents, owners, investors and fellow Lockwood team members. Working as a valuable member of such a motivated team allows you to grow as a young professional.