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Technology Becoming An Important Part Of Property Management Careers

September 29 2017

Technology Becoming An Important Part Of Property Management Careers As a young professional, you may be struggling to find a job that is worthwhile or that you feel maximize the skillset you can offer. If this sounds familiar, you should look no further than property management careers. There’s a good chance that you are affluent in the language of technology. Technology and social media are becoming an increasingly important part of property management careers, instantly making the industry one of the most attractive for young professionals. 

Social Media And Property Management

With social media becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives, it provides a great opportunity for property managers to make connections with tenants and potential future tenants. As a result, social media becomes a rich opportunity for property managers to tap into a revenue stream. 

Dr. Eric Brey, associate professor at the University of Wisconsin-Stout’s School of Hospitality Leadership spoke with GlobeSt.com about property manager’s use of social media. He said, “The whole point about talking about content and driving that home is that’s how a brand creates relationships with customers. ‘Relationships’ is an overused term, and many brands don’t really go into how to create this relationship. Brands will often use social media as a means to constantly bombard customer with sales pitches; it’s all about ‘me, me, me.’ But, it should be a ratio of 10:1, where 10 posts should be content that has meaning or interest to the customers and only one should about the product or brand.” 

Whether you’re already working in a property management career or are thinking about doing so, consider these tips to help your social media presence excel. 

  • Listen – Your social media presence should be a two-way street. Your audience should be able to provide feedback that you are receptive to. You should monitor websites to help get in touch with what others are saying about you and your properties. 
  • Be the Middleman – Through your social media presence, you can help tenants connect with other tenants. Fostering these relationships can lead to overall tenant happiness, which will prove successful for you in the long run. 
  • Be Yourself – To be successful in property management careers, you must be genuine. The personality that you use in your daily interactions with tenants must also shine through online. 

It’s Not Just Social Media That’s Important 

Not only does a property manager have to excel with social media, but they must be tech-savvy in other areas as well. They’ll have to market their properties, figure out the appropriate cost for their properties, screen leasing applications, and handle tenant needs. Being able to use technology to perform these services helps streamline the process and reduce costs. It could be something as simple as being available after-hours by text or email that could set a property manager apart and allow them to develop stronger relationships with their tenants. Property managers that grasp the fact that technology can significantly improve service while reducing expenses are the ones who will be most successful moving forward.