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Improve Your Career Development

September 8 2017

Improve Your Career Development Professionally, you should always be looking to improve your career development. Career development is about finding new skills and experiences that will make you a better professional. If you are in a job where career development is not possible and you have perhaps plateaued, then it is likely time to search for a new job or career. Career development is a long-term process that takes place over your entire professional career. What are some things you can do to improve your career development, both now and in the future? 

•    Develop A Timeline – You should have a vision of where you see your career headed. Set a timeline with career goals, and the steps necessary to achieve them. Your goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, and results-focused. For example, “Become CEO” is not a good goal. Set goals for yourself for a few months and a few years down the road. 

•    Consult Mentors – Your mentors or boss will be able to provide you feedback that can aid in your career development. Don’t be afraid to take criticism, as this is the only way to get better. Your mentors can make you aware of areas where improvement is needed, and what you’ll need to do to accomplish your goals. They can also hold you accountable to your timeline and goals that you’ve set for yourself. At Lockwood, Associates are motivated through an open-door policy and encouraging an entrepreneurial and service spirit at the community and corporate level. 

•    Never Stop Learning – There is always something about your job or industry that you don’t yet know. Never be afraid to explore your horizons and continue your education. See what resources are available to help increase your knowledge, including books, classes, and training sessions. 

•    Improve Your Weaknesses – Survey coworkers and get a feel about what your perceived weaknesses are. They may bring something to your attention that you had not been aware of. For example, you may find that rush your words and become flustered when speaking in front of a crowd. Take public speaking courses to gain confidence in these situations. Not only will correcting your weaknesses dramatically improve your career, but you’ll also gain respect from coworkers and bosses who see you trying to advance yourself professionally.