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How Can Volunteering Help Your Career?

September 1 2017

How Can Volunteering Help Your Career? When searching for a career, it’s ideal to find one with work-life balance, such as a property management career. Using flexible hours to your advantage will improve your quality of life. One of the ways many choose to find fulfillment is through volunteering. Not only does volunteering do good for the community and provide a sense of self-worth, but it can also help with your career development. Consider the following ways volunteering can help your career. 

•    Networking – Volunteering will put you in touch with amazing people from many different industries. You’ll develop personal and professional relationships while expanding your network. You never know when these connections may come in handy! 

•    You’ll Become a More Desirable Candidate – Whether you are looking for a new job or are hoping for a promotion, volunteer work is extremely valuable. Volunteer work will make your application stand out. A recent LinkedIn survey indicated that nearly half of polled hiring managers treated volunteer work like a paid job. Additionally, the Corporation for National and Community Service indicates that those who volunteer are 27% more likely to be hired than those who don’t. 

•    Positivity Will Spill Over into the Workplace – When volunteering, you’ll improve your mental health by finding happiness and a sense of belonging. This will translate to your career, and will send your career development on the fast-track. Having fulfillment in life will make you a better person to be around, and will have a positive impact on those you deal with daily in a professional setting. You’ll also avoid becoming burnt out, making you a more productive employee. 

•    You’ll Learn New Skills – Volunteering can take you outside of your comfort zone, and enhance your career development as you learn new skills in an industry you may not be familiar with. Although you may not initially expect them to do so, these skills could one day translate to a task you’ve been assigned at work. Each skill that you can offer to an employer is a chance to improve your personal brand.