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Property Management A Great Career Path For Young Professionals

August 18 2017

Property Management A Great Career Path For Young Professionals No matter if you are a young professional looking for a guidance and an opportunity, or one looking for a change from their existing career, property management is an excellent choice. A career in property management provides wellness and a tremendous opportunity for career growth. 

Property Management Jobs Will Always Exist 

In today’s world, jobs can be volatile depending on what industry you choose to work in. No matter what is going on with the economy, there will always be jobs in property management. Someone will always be required to manage the asset, because property and places to live will always be around, even in the case of a recession. This job security should not be taken for-granted when considering a career as a property manager. 

Opportunity For Career Growth

Today, the average age of a property manager is just above 50 years old. This is significantly higher than the average age of any other given American industry, which is 43 years old. The fact that many within the industry will be retiring within the next decade or so means there is a tremendous opportunity for career growth. Promotions and an increased role within the company will become more and more prevalent as older employees retire. Baby Boomers are already retiring at a rate of 8,000 – 10,000 per day. Right now is the perfect time to begin a career as a property manager. You will be able to train under experienced professionals, but will soon also have opportunities for career growth and promotions. 

Property Management Allows For A Challenging Yet Rewarding Career 

Working in the property management industry can be fast-paced. You will be forced to solve problems and immediately move on to the next one. No two days are the same. This interaction makes a career in property management an intensive one that is perfect for millennials. Property managers are also rewarded in their job day in and day out. They are continually able to meet new people and help bring smiles to their resident’s faces daily. If you are intrigued by the ability to build relationships with tons of new people on a day-to-day basis, then a career in property management is right for you. 

At Lockwood Management, we are a full-service property management company. Our property managers have significantly smaller portfolios than those at other property management companies. This allows our managers to be hands on at their sites, dedicating their time to their residents.